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About Us

Authentic. Inclusive. Delicious.


Our Story

Chris and Martine met in Olympia, Washington in 2008 and bonded over a mutual appreciation of food and beverage. From hosting small get togethers in back yards to catering weddings for our friends and family, we eventually realized that this was our calling. In 2011, save for a few duffle bags, we sold all of our belongings and ventured into the unknown boarding a plane to Austin, Texas. Coming from backgrounds filled with appreciation and respect for local products and support for small business, Austin was the perfect choice. 


Upon arrival Chris went to work in restaurants with some of the best wine programs in the city. He became enamored with the history of the wine industry and the magic that occurs when the perfect pairing between food and beverage is achieved. This ultimately led him to hosting intimate wine dinners and beverage training classes sharing his love of wine with friends, old and new.

As for Martine, after attending culinary school she took her career from Austin to Dallas managing events from 6000 person banquets to small private tasting dinners.  Under the guidance of her Chefs, Martine honed her technical skills while continuing to explore new ingredients and styles of cooking. She found her voice as a culinarian paying respect to the food of both her family and her culture.


Eventually, with the realization that their greatest fulfillment came from creating exciting personalized experiences for their friends, Martine moved back to Austin and CH Hospitality Group was born.


From the start we have been determined to share our passion with every new relationship we cultivate. We are eager to invite you into our circle with a promise to provide wondrous and unique experiences through the journey of food, wine, and beverage.

Contact us today to find out how we can customize our services for you.

Meet The Team

Martine Promo 2.jpg
Martine Hudson
Owner and Executive Chef
Chris Promo_edited_edited.jpg
Christopher Clarey
Owner and Sommelier
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